Disabled People Are Sexy
The girl on the train tracks is Nicole (Niki) Browder, and she is indeed a congenital amputee. Google her and you can find an interesting article where she's getting fitted with a high-tech myoelectric arm (which I've never seen her wearing in any other picture, so I imagine she didn't find it useful).

Thanks! I’ll look her up…

(The phrase “congenital amputee” does odd things to my head because the -ee ending suggests someone that has had somehing actively done to them, e.g. an amputee has had some part of their body amputated, whereas someone who was born without a limb(s) hasn’t had anything amputated, they were always like that. I know it’s the standard phrase for describing people born with absent limbs, it’s just a phrase I find hard to get my head round because it feels like it has an internal contradiction. Anyway, I’d imagine it would be very hard for someone born without arms to use one of those myoelectric ones (am I right in thinking they are the ones that link with nerves so that they can be controlled “intuitively”?), as they never had an arm in the first place - whereas someone who had and lost an arm would have the nerves for that arm connected to their brain and be able to intuitively move it, I’d imagine someone like her wouldn’t have intuitive knowledge of what “move my arm” feels like, if that makes sense. So it doesn’t surprise me she didn’t find it useful. I think there’s probably a deeper point here about the assumption that disabled people have a lost “normal” that we want to return to, which, while it may be true for some people such as amputees or people who broke their spinal cords in accidents, really isn’t true for people who were born disabled…)